Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

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Graphical pulsation analysis program

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Graphical water hammer shock analysis


Hypertext screen show software


Piping system model software suite, including the above software

Pulse and Shock Dampers

Flow Guard @ Flow-Guard

Valve, stops flow when shock bursts pipe

Flexorber LP @ PulseGuard

Flow-through shock and pulse interceptor

PulseGuard @ PulseGuard

Flow-through shock and pulse preventor

PumpGuard @PulseGuard

Clear flow tube type suction side cavitation preventor

SurgeGuard @ ShockGuard

Pump surge dampener (start-up) / absorber / preventor

PipeGuard @ PulseGuard

Gas bladder type pulsation protector

TubeGuard @ PulseGuard

In place flushable damper

WaveGuard @ PulseGuard

Resonance prevention accoustilator

WaveGuard @ PulseGuard

Acoustic shock preventor

PermaCushion @ PulseGuard

Pre-fill cushion foam

PipeHugger @ PulseGuard

Connects direct to pumps to stop mass acceleration loss

Flexorber @ PulseGuard

Like a PulseGuard for higher pressures

SurgeGuard @ ShockGuard

Liquid inside the bag for shocks in corrosive systems

JumboFlex @ ShockGuard

Gas bladder tank for standby shock in non-corrosive systems

Hydropneumatic accumulators

PistoFlex @ Hydrotrole

Piston with diaphragm - instant response

PistoLite @ Hydrotrole

Sealed closed - no hydrolock, separate piston bearings

MagDacc @ Hydrotrole

Magnetic position volume indicating accumulator for remote readout

InDacc @ Hydrotrole Cascade control for multiple pumps; gives variable flow
JumboFlex @ Hydrotrole Large bladder-type accumulator for low/meduim pressures

Floatolator @ Hydrotrole

Large piston-type accumulator for low/meduim pressures


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