Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Shock Prevention Software

ShockView from LDi is a highly accurate water-hammer and shock wave modelling system. Water hammer is a dynamic phenomenon, and LDi's preventative hardware also operates on dynamic principles, so ShockView is based on many partial replica watches uk differential equations. The software can be used for two purposes:

    1. to determine how slowly valves must be swiss replica watches closed or pumps started up in order to prevent shock waves being formed
    2. where this is not feasible, to determine the size and type of LDi hardware required to eliminate the problem
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To do this, you will need to know the following system parameters accurately:

Liquid parameters


Pipe parameters

Inside diameter
Wall thickness
Bulk modulus of material

Sytem parameters

Inlet steady state pressure
Mass flow rate
Maximum allowable pressure

Valve or pump parameters

Valve closing or pump start-up time
Valve area change characteristic e.g. linear

From this information, ShockView produces a graph showing how the pressure within the pipe varies over time after the valve is closed.

ShockView has been tested extensively by comparing its predictions with results from an actual test rig. The results of these tests show how accurate ShockView is.

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