Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Who we are

Shockguard Inc. is a small company based in North Carolina in the USA and Stockport in the UK, employing about 15 people on each site. Products are manufactured under a quality system, previously: ISO 9001:1994 [DNV Nbr. 95-LON-QA-458 (15105)]. And jointly: ASME "U" Cert 29,289 5 Nov '96 through 5 Nov '99, and through 5 Nov '02 [Kemper/BVQI - QSC 97028/50591 1997/98]. Now via LDi UK - RSA to ISO 9001:2000 valid through 6 October 2007. When you require products assembled under the auspices of that third party they will come via that UK source.

Mission Statement

LDi will be the world leaders in pulsation and shock analysis and prevention by focussing on quality, customer satisfaction and innovation at all levels throughout the company.

Shockguard Inc. will be the world leaders in supply of hardware, spares, service, help and advice by following the lead of LDi.

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